Statement of Purpose (SoP) for Study Abroad

Statement of Purpose (SoP) has to be neat! It has to be to the point. It has to make your reader admire your application and give you admission or visa! It has to show the purpose behind it- be it an application to a program or course of study, or be it for VISA. It is about making proper impression, making your reader believe that you are one of the best applicants for an admission or VISA (as per the case).

The essay should carry your academic background, your experiences and achievement, your work experiences, your reasons for choosing certain course or major and reasons behind choosing to study abroad, your intentions of studying and later returning back to your country. In case of writing an SoP for countries like Australia, you may even find a need to include your family background, details about the family income and the properties owned and so on.

An SoP requires you to write a lot of those; however, there are plenty of things that you need to have it in your SoP apart from those “Now publicly known” contents of the essay. In case of an SoP for admission, your essay needs to present your potentials and how you are a proper candidate for a program. You need to show your goals, your objectives behind pursuing the program or course and how your life will change once you have got such education and the degree in your hand. You want to show an exact reason behind why you have chosen certain university for the program. You have to show how you are qualified and how meaningful it is for you to study there.

In case of a visa SoP, along with all the details and necessary information, you must pay attention to these three things. First, your essay must portray your strong desire to study and only study in the foreign land; you are not there to work illegally or do anything unlawful, you are there to be a great student in the country. Secondly, your essay should clearly show that your family is financially strong and capable enough to pay all your academic and other expenses that will incur during your stay in the foreign land. And thirdly, your essay must clearly speak that you have a clear intention to depart from the country of your education destination once you have completed the education.

our essay should reflect YOU, the real YOU; the story behind your academic background; the experiences and achievements and all should be put in a personalized manner. It should tell the story your documents could not, it should make a sense.

Apart from all, your Statement of Purpose for study abroad needs to be well structured; proper grammar, proper sentences – simple or complex. It needs to be coherent, and has plenty of proper and carefully chosen words. This should also give an idea of how hard working you are and how hard you are working to get accepted to a certain program or a VISA.