Deciding to leave your home country and study abroad big step. Many prospective students wonder what the benefit of leaving the comforts of home is to move abroad and study at an international university.

But, students who have study abroad experience make it loud and clear—they love the experience specifically because of everything it offers them that staying in their native country cannot. So, why not consider traveling the world and earning a degree while you’re at it? We’ve compiled a list of the top ten reasons why your international experience will be one of the best, most memorable experiences of your life.

Gain Independence

Although any university experience offers the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, oftentimes students miss out on recognizing their full potential by choosing the closest university to home. Therefore, there may be a period where it is particularly difficult for post-graduates to adjust to life outside of academia. However, with the additional challenge of navigating a foreign country, as an international student you will pick up crucial ‘’adulting’’ skills. It is common to have to find housing, learn a language, navigate a new city, or budget with a foreign currency while living abroad. When you move back home, you will be grateful to have learned how to pay bills, communicate with people from all walks of life, and take care of your own living arrangements. You will be ready to put yourself in the driver’s seat to face life’s challenges, making you more confident and assured.

Broaden your Knowledge

Studying abroad can be a tremendous opportunity for students in countries whose higher education institutions don’t match their advanced skills or ambitions. But, even if your home country has premiere universities, studying abroad can open new paths to pursue your passions. You could study at universities with leading researchers in your field of interest, access to historic libraries and local archives, or cutting-edge art scenes, which could all contribute to a better understanding of the subject matter you are studying. You can also pursue your studies in an international location where you can also follow your interests, while deepening your knowledge of them, and discovering new ones along the way. For instance, if you like to scuba dive and would like to enhance your skills or get certifications, consider a destination close to popular diving spots. Living within commuting distance to a wide-range of activities will make your university years more meaningful.

Learn a New Language

Therefore, studying at an international university typically offers opportunities for international students to learn their new host country’s native language. Whether it’s Japanese, German, Italian, or Swedish, why not follow up on your New Year’s resolution and learn a new language?
Depending on the length of your stay, you may or may not reach native fluency. However, one thing that’s for sure is that your hosts will appreciate your effort. A little effort goes a long way towards immersion.
You also have the benefit of taking courses taught by skilled native teachers. You can also join a language exchange club or make an effort to converse with local acquaintances and friends in their language, which will speed up your language learning and open you up to more international opportunities.

Discover Yourself

At some point in everybody’s life, you have to at least wonder what makes you the person you are.
When you move abroad to study, you will be given the chance to see the world, and especially your native country, in a whole new light. Many international students report that this has had a big impact on their development as a person for the rest of their lives.
Many of the thoughts, concepts and ideas you take for granted as “normal” are in reality a part of your national identity. You will be surprised to find that other students from countries all over the world have had vastly different upbringings and experiences. However, these realizations, along with all the new friendships it helps create, are one of the most meaningful aspects of studying abroad.
If you would like to truly find yourself, studying abroad will show you other ways of life, while also forcing you to make more conscious decisions about how you live your own. You might also call into consideration personal space, what friendship means to you, your views on political systems, and what a meaningful life can look like.

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